Sunday, February 12, 2017

Setting up a D-Star Access Point on Raspbian with PIXEL - Part II

This is part II of a two Part series. In part I, DStarRepeater and IRCDDBGateway were compiled and DstarRepeater was configured on Raspbian Jessie with PIXEL.  In Part II, IRCDDBGateway will be configured,and an Icom ID-51a+ will connect to the D-Star network through the D-Star hotspot.

Elizabeth Tower at the North end of the Palace of Westminster in London



Configure ircddbgateway

Execute ircddbgatewayconfig on the target (Raspberry Pi) as follows.

pi@hbox:~ $ sudo ircddbgatewayconfig &

Replace KF5SVQ with your call sign.

Make sure that you select Save from the File Menu in order to save your changed to the configuration file.   Also make sure that you select Exit from the File menu after you select Save.

Start ircddbgateway and dstarrepeater

pi@hbox:~ $ sudo ircddbgateway &
pi@hbox:~ $ sudo dstarrepeater &

Configure the Radio 

Link to the UK D-Star Megarepeater

D-Pad -> Repeater List -> Simplex -> 145.67 DV
Press PTT
D-Pad -> Local CQ
Hold Down PTT and Talk

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