Wednesday, November 19, 2014

iLogMiles - Driver's daily log book for truckers

One of the most enjoyable and productive development experiences that I have been able to be a part of was the development of iLogMiles for iOS with my long-time friend, Zach Womack.

My business partner, Zach Womack, and I developed iLogMiles for iOS in 2009 and 2010. We designed and built iLogMiles for commercial drivers.  Zach and I worked together extensively on the design of the iLogMiles application.  My background is primarily software development and Zach's background and expertise are in the logistics and transportation industry.  Zach and I spent countless hours iterating over hundreds of revisions for each of the views in the application.  We poured through the human interface guidelines over and over, carefully selected the design patterns for the implementation, and ensured that every line of code adhered to Apple's iOS application submission guidelines.  We stuck to what works - design code build test - 1000x over. Sometimes in iterations less than one hour.  

As a result, iLogMiles was hugely successful.  Our efforts paid off and the application rose to the top of the app store in a short amount of time.  Please note that iLogMiles is no longer available on the App store as of late 2010 as I pulled it from the App store due to myself taking a corporate position.  Another developer picked up the iLogMiles name shortly thereafter and there is an app on the app store called iLogMiles but it is not associated with Zach or I.  Below are features and screenshots of the original iLogMiles application that Zach and I developed and published to the iOS app store.
For the database oriented reader, at the bottom of this post, there is an image of the SQLite data model that I designed for the application.

iLogMiles was featured in numerous publications and Ranked #2 on the App Store top free business apps in April 2010. iLogMiles received 2K downloads per day in 30+ countries at peak.
App released for the iTruckers on the road" - Today’s Trucking Magazine, April 2010.
“New iPhone App Provides Daily Log Book" - Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine, April 2010.
“Software developers keep churning out the apps” - Dallas Morning News, March 2010.
“Amid industry discussion…, smartphone logging apps proliferate” - Overdrive Magazine, April 2010.
“Two Dallas iPhone/iPad app developers hit milestones with iLogMiles…” - Dallas Morning News, April 2010.
YouTube videos for iLogMiles are available on the Applicandy - Mobile Software YouTube page.

  • UIKit
  • Foundation
  • Core Graphics
  • Core Data
  • Core Location
  • Quartz Core
  • System Configuration
  • Store Kit
  • MessageUI
  • Audio Toolbox

Computer Language(s)

  • C / Objective-C

  • Core Data w/ sqlite store
  • Binary Plists

Additional Features
  • Preloaded Time Zones
  • Daylight Savings Time Auto Adjustment
  • Local Reverse Geo Coding
  • Preloaded U.S. cities for reverse geo coding
  • PDF Generation of data from persistent store
  • Plain text export of data from persistent store
  • View Customization with Themes
  • Mail Interface for export
  • Stateful tracking of duty status
  • PDF Generation
  • Auto DST Adjustment
  • Local Notifications

Initial Release Dates
  • 1.0 - April 06, 2010
  • 1.1 - May 10, 2010

SQLite data model

I designed this data model based on continual feedback from Zach.

All of the above images are copyright Bryan Hinton and Zach Womack.

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